Az. Agr. Valdinera

di Careglio Giuseppe

Via Cavour, 1,
12040 Corneliano d’Alba CN

Chiama ora al: +39 0173 61 98 81
Invia un Fax al: +39 0173 61 40 38

P.iva 01778880045

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Visite in azienda

We receive customers, friends and visitors every day (by booking) and you can take a tour of the vineyards, visit the winery and proceed with the tasting.

The spring and summer period instead, it is also possible to organize the various tastings in the external dehors in our courtyard or in the rural farmhouse among the vineyards and hills of Roero.


Pet Friendly

Our structure is Pet friendly, here not only the animals are welcome but you can find a courtyard / garden where your four-legged friends can run freely in complete safety

A bowl of fresh water is always available and here you will find Ax and Belle, the two winery dogs (if they are not running around in the vineyard!).