The Roero

Our company is located in Corneliano d’Alba in Piedmont, in the province of Cuneo, more precisely in the area called Roero.

The Roero is that portion of territory located north of Alba, on the left bank of the Tanaro, between the plain of Carmagnola and the low hills of the Asti area, characterized by a remarkable variety of landscapes.



One of the elements that characterize the landscape of the Roero are “the Rocche”, deep chasms in the hills that can also reach differences in height of hundreds of meters.

In June 2014 the winegrowing landscapes of Roero, together with those of Langhe and Monferrato, were declared UNESCO World Heritage because “they are an exceptional living testimony of the historical tradition of vine cultivation, winemaking processes, a social, rural and of an economic fabric based on the culture of wine “.

A land rich in natural and historical beauties, Roero is an unavoidable destination not just for food and wine lovers.